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Saturday, December 16, 2006

About Sunrises

Apparently the immense expense of free time i had on my trip to Penang has triggered much fodder for the 'prolific' blog of mine (thanx again Dinesh) lol. For those who have experienced kerfern's relatively random train of thought: the following should be of no surprise fow fleeting my attention span is for each topic.

I realise that i needed to get a tan, so i went to get it. and i am a bit red from it too. Then one night while i was about to drift into sweet slumber, a flash of thought so quick, an inspiration, a glimpse of what i have yet to realise in my life! Oh it's nothing much actually, just that i have taken realatively many photos but i havent gottem a proper sunrise through my camera's ccd, though i have a few sunsets. So i vouch that one of the first few photos i am going to take with my soon to arrive Fz50 will be a sunrise. Anyone got lobang for a good location for a sunrise must tell me. Anyone interested in joining me to take also contact me (preferably hot looking, female, and can drive, and HAS a car to drive ;p)

Then i realised that most people i noe at Monash Medicine are first or only borns! here's the tally (got no time to cover all)
first/only borns:

  1. me
  2. jasmine
  3. MJ
  4. Rebecca
  5. Kel
  6. Josh
  7. Ling
  8. Kary
  9. Xin Yi
  10. Melanie i tink
  11. Melissa (she has a brother and has migrated to the following list) (thanx becky for reminding me)
  12. Jonathans, yes all 3 of them
  13. Ethan
  14. and think still got others, those i left out are not intetional, i'm in a hurry yar

Those not that i squeezed my head and extracted that are not:

  1. John Lee weichern
  2. Jeff
  3. ... And my brain power diminishes to zilch

NOW ever wonder why plastic surgeons are called plastic surgeons? do they actually use plastics or polymers all the time to stitch people up? That was another question i had while lying on my bed with a poolside view in Penang. So i checked it up and the reason for the naming is: The word "plastic" derives from the Greek plastikos meaning to mold or to shape; its use here is not connected with the synthetic polymer material known as plastic. Well shihui said, dont all surgeons mold anyway? i suppose we do.

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