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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Half marathon post mortem

I am suffering. My quadriceps are aching from the run. Now my feet are aching from standing the whole day. Well no pain no gain, feel kinda satisfied i finished the Standard Charted Half Marathon in 2hrs 29min 32 sec according to my running chip

for those who ram, this is the link to the timings analysis page: http://www.runpix.name/sin06/ge.php
Those who want to see my details my bib is 11415

Archery. It has been 6 years since i shot my last arrow. And my coach still says my from is still there, just that i need a longer bow, i have grown. And well, my upper limb extensors are still aching from 3 hrs of archery on Saturday. Spent like $40 on new equipment, not even upgrading my bow limbs to a longer one yet.

Got a new part timer at my store wa ha ha can tekan! but i being the nice guy that i am, treated her properly. teach her the ropes of being a good part timer. Experiences on the job.
Definition of the epitome of retail therapy: A guy of age mid 30s enters store. He asks what we have. The things that i point at are the things he buy. I had to stop him from buying extra stuff, i have a conscience... In the end he spent $800 but thanx to our promotion vouchers, he paid $120 less. Now that is retail therapy. lol the guy said it himself. Girls go beat that.

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