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Monday, December 11, 2006

Happy Birthday to Stephie

Yes it was a fantastic party. Got to meet up with many classmates for the first time since i came back. Too bad some didnt make it. Loved hs lil cousin Kevin, apparently we hit it off quite nicely, got to know him quite well.

My meagre number of photos i took at the party are up on my Flickr. No thanks to my half charged battery and my incapability to get my new caera over the weekend.

For those who are still not sure what was the gift we gave Steph:

Looking forward to seeing more classmates who were missing in action last night. On both 20th ant 30th Dec. Though many will be away soon.

  1. Mel is away for exchange in Australia till 10th Jan
  2. Pema going France for a semster, leaving on 1 Jan, for a sem. France tt's like how cool!
  3. Steph leaving for US, leaving on 29th Dec i think, for a sem
  4. Aik Heng also going to US but dunno when.
  5. Shihui gg for hols till January
  6. JR and El gg off too
  7. Yiting the cheenapok at China, cheenaing

And I will be off fo rPenang tmr. But will be back on Saturday. So hoping i can get my camera today. They ran out of stock on Saturday. Cathay photo raised their price so i am not buying from them. So i am now getting from 'Shop-Right Electronics' at Orchard Towers.

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