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Monday, March 12, 2007

Happy 21st! Miss Wong Ling Ling

Happy birthday to the girl. And lucky her got her best friends that came over to almost surprise her. That Pek Wan Sze forgot she got my umber, if not i could have helped to arrange for her surprising entry to the party.

I made my first ever Choc cake. and my first ever cake for 30 people. and in the end, it still wasnt enough. So as we can see the turn out for the party was huge. Venue was the JEM house. Those who do not know, it's Jeffery, Ethan and Ming Jian. The bbq was fantastic, though it poured after most of the food was done. Made great tasting prawns with Jim BEan. Didnt now it was Ethan who got it for himself. Sorry. But well the prawns were good.

The cake according to many was good. They said, the nuts inside were interesting. But here's the secret: there were no nuts! I forgot to get some castor sugar and ended up waiting for Xin Yi to buy. While waiting for the sugar, i mixed the egg and flour together, and the wait was too long causing the mixture to harden, so by the time i got to mix it with the choc, there were bits that could not blend in well... and that is the story of the pseudonuts. Well it was still good tasting for my first try. go look at the photos. They will be up soon.

Partially burnt my Shepard's pie today as i have no good oven. The oven has both top and bottom heating element, but only the bottom is working. Like cooking a ccake on stove like that. So to brown the top of my Shepard's pie, i transfer to the grill compartment of the oven and well i set the heat too high, there is no temp marking for the grill... booo... And well smelt it burning after i exited my shower. Thank goodness it's only the ripples of my Shepard's pie that is burnt.

Tommorrow is my first driving lesson, hope i learn fast, and pass early, so that i can get drining over and done with, at last i will have a new skill to flaunt to myself, and i got a mirror to look at all the time (as if i am so vain). That is if i get a car, which is very very unlikely

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