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Thursday, March 08, 2007


no it's not a spelling error. it's Uni titled.

Studying better now. but well still long way to go for much stuff. still playing catch up as usual. Cooked Char Siew 叉烧 today using pork belly. And i realise that maybe i should use some other meet next time. I can almost imagine the fatty streaks forming in my vessels...

Becky got her car, Ethan's parents came and got us Krispy Kremes! Thanx Ethan and Ethan's Dad and Ethan's Mum! JEM got a 31" LCD screen, they getting foxtel. I can only react reactionlessly... Real sad that Mr Lee Wei Chern decided to go back to Malaysia to read his medicine. Well what to do, he has his reasons and i respect that.

Got a new Nokia 6288, with a 2 year plan in Australia's "3". it's a mobile service provider for those who do not know.. at $3 i get to have unlimited MMS to "3" users quite interesting.

Realise that actually i have many people around me who are really hardworking, and that i should attempt to follow their foot steps and not slack around. Still inspirational is Candy Goh: 3 times on Dean's Honour Roll. That's equivalent to Dean's list. Though it was for business, it's still incredible. Well she's my mum's friend's daughter. Not say real close to her, but still inspirational.

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