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Saturday, July 14, 2007

How things affect us from the past

Today i had a driving lesson, my instructor said i was more aggressive today, and accounts it to my exam stress for the paper next Wed. lol made only 1 fumble today. still having a pretty girl see me drive haha.

He got Amy, this year 12 ABC to have her lesson after mine. As a surprise for me last week lol. And yes my, she is pretty, pretty fit too, does competitive long distance. Well last week she drove me home, this week, we stopped by her house early to pick her up and then i drove myself home while she sees how i drive. think she is into her 10th lesson or so. too bad Ming Jian missed out on this ;p

Then when i was about to bid farewell. I noticed my instructor's watch was upside down. and i asked why. He said he has been wearing watches upside down for 40 years. When he was year 6 or so (our primary 1), there was this girl who sat on his left for 2 years and kept asking him wat time it was every 5 mins or so. So he decided to wear his watch upside down on his left wrist so she could see the time, and she stopped asking. And he continued to wear the watch upside down since then. lol how sweet is that ;p

I hope i finish wat i set out to read today. And thanx for Becky instilling fear in me with random calls about random renal physio to make me panic more to study ;p

On a side note. think a URTI is coming up. i feel phlegmatic, and my minds a bit cloudy lately. Cough cough cough. think my immune system is going soft

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