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Monday, July 09, 2007


Will reminiscing count if it was for the past day ;p or the past few days in which has passed?

well i was looking back the past few days. eventful and pleasing. Though at times mum and i did not agree, we still resolved it. shouldnt all arguments and disputes be resolved like tt. IT seems like she suddenly realisd i grew up and that she respects my decisions and views, no longer forcing her thoughts on me. a barricade lifted.

nights are nice when they are not alone, when there is music: vocals and splendid music. I'll still be here in the morning.

Went to great ocean road with mum. guess that was the highlight of her week here. other than the washing machine outlet overflow( had to dry and mor the whole floor), terrence so nice to cook for my mum, jas, XY and i for dinner, the first night XY was here where we all had dinner cooked by my mum, me realising that my mum has much more dexterous hands and may have been a better surgeon ;p hahahah. Photos for GOR are being uploaded as we speak.

It was many firsts for me. first time i (and my mum) was on a tour in Melb, first time i had so much chinese spoken to me in one day in chinese (by the tour guide), first time i was at GOR, first time i was on a helicopter (at the 12 apostles, 十二门徒, great photos from that $60 ride it was good.), first time i brought mum to chomp chomp for dinner.

i got my new external flash on Friday, been having fun with it. takes a lot of work to get it right. i need more experience. for techies or photog enthusiasts: it's not a TTL flash, it can swivel sideways and upways (so i can bounce flash), it is a slave flash so that i can synchronise it with my main camera's flash which serves as a fill flash now.

the pictures that i took this round: many many more HDRs (think there were 20+) and 3 panoramas that were not that spectacular. have a look. for those who dunno what HDR is, erm go look here.

And spoken so much on not studying as u can see. so i hope the next few days will be fruitful.

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