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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And so it is...

So it was depressing for a while, at least i am now uplifted with the answer. Thanx to u :) i noe wat to do now. 2 in a week, if i were u i tink i would have been suicidal.

Multiple injuries from badminton, but they are all healed by now. Melissa says "Becky laugh at ur badminton skills? later i train u, u trash her" haha see if she actually bothers to train me.

Missed netball due to the twisted ankle from badminton, really wanted to go, but yar i was injured.

Have not read anatomy at all... so i am clueless at Anat tutes, well i realise i learn sooo much in tute as opposed to when i read up, i feel like tutes are a waste of time ;p

Spent the weekend fiddling with photoshop, just to make posters, A3 size 200gsm glossy relatively cheap at Officeworks, about $4 or 5 and service charge about $4 i tink, but i printed 2 posters, total to $13.50 cant be bothered to count the service charge.

baked a cheesecake again tonight with Lesley and Melanie, THE housemate cooked dinner, i am one appreciative boy tonight. Cake got over fluffed up and cracked again :( sad, some more it's for someone's bdae. i felt so bad, forgot to use bainmarie, so the side of the cake got browned badly. Sigh. well i guess there will be another better time.

Got to be the official photographer of Multi Cultural Festival organised by Monash Uni International Students Services MUISS. Thanks to Christie!!!!! i luv u for giving me the chance to be. lol. erm lurve u in a friendly way hor.

Photos will be up soon. after the event ends this thurs.

need to iron shirt for CPP later in the day. ta ta. and u people who read. post some comments or tag lei. i am so bored.


Shihui said...

what happened?

Chern said...

Hi Kerf, hope u're doing fine over there. And dont get too upset, you're not the only one with anatomy problems.=P

kerf said...

oooh sorry i only got to see that there are comments to publish.

haha both of u noe why i was a tad depressed. well no i am much better.

hope u guys ar better too =)