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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Confused Euphoria Flattered

So i lost my wallet yesterday, ran to Becky's house because we were late. dropped it once, and picked it up, but apparently i didnt knowi dropped it again. Hope that whoever picked it up will return to me through the mail box. Debit card was expired, need to get another ATM card, Driving license, Student ID, Working with children card? Should be making a police report tmr. but i dunno if they entertain, dropped wallets. and i wonder if i can get a police report and get my student ID free. Jas says it is $70 to replace. Sigh. And the worst of all, the thing that cannot be replaced is that Karin my dear cousin bought it for me, so i lost a gift.

This weekend has been terrible. got really distracted. not by the usual stuff. But interesting stuff i thought i would never see, at least for now. And well i slept too much. like woke at 1700 today. my goodness. And i have a theory that i may be having depression, like excess sleeping, lack of pleasure from usually pleasurable activities like cooking and eating. Dinner tonight was good according to Jasmine, but i thought i didnt really like it. So i guess i have to wait and see if i fulfil the DSM IV criteria for clinical depression, guess it has to last 2 weeks before i am officially mental. haha.

Exam results are out. but seems like everyone did better than last time. including me. though there were huge improvements in numerous people. i only managed to improve a teeny bit. Time to Bark up and slap myself. As for the distractions. I am in a dilemma to call them off, how do u call off something that brings so much variety and fun and pleasure in your life. Beats me. But i got a bus to catch. The bus to get a HD. haha

And was the photographer for Mid Autumn Festival. Should be sending out photos to people i promised. i just havent been on the right track of mind recently. And uploaded photos of wat i did at CPP. photos for MAF should be up soon, when i get some bandwidth to steal somewhere.

REalise that i still dunno how to flsh properly with my slave flash, good at taking portraits, but not the big picture. Ezarrah a 1st year med student, who's into badminton and also photography taught me that i should make use of my image stabalisation more and not get too concerned about the high grain at higher ISOs, because i can shoot at lower shutter speeds with less shake.
and i realise i lost his blog address together with my wallet. shucks. If you are reading this Ezarrah, leave me a tag on my blog!

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ezralimm said...

behold! ezra leaves a tag

eh, try going to http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech.htm

there are some good articles about compatibility there.

Not all old lenses will work with the new AF systems. Im not sure if the D40 has a focusing 'screw' - a physical screwdriver like thing that focuses older AF lenses. (new lenses use motors built into the lens).