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Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy birthday indeed =) Thanks

Friday night: It was meant but well i guessed it ;p Thanks to those who organised the dinner =) It was a fantabulously awesome night. i still not sure who are the masterminds but i am thinking, Xin Yi, Jasmine, Becky and Kel.

Thanks to those who came for dinner: Tat Woon, Becky, Jas, Victor, Jonathan Tan, Chuan Tai, Kelvin, Xin Yi, Melissa, and Kary.

Thanks to those who came for the after med ball chill out at La La Land: Ling, Melanie, Daryl, Sam Bo, Yeo, Baey, Ju Ho. Cool and lovely place. Think it is my fav chill out place now. And special thanks to Daryl who treated the guys to a Cowboy each.

Then Sunday night: Spend half a day finding out how to get chkdsk to start at boot when it doesnt want to no matter how hard u try. Yup i was fixing Amy's laptop. She commented it was a half yearly maintenance schedule lol. Then later head off to watch HAIRSPRAY. i love it =) soo funny and Amanda Bynes is soooo hawt, especially in the tight tight dress in the end, and Melanie thought so too. Who went: Melanie, Lester, Kel, Becky, Wan Jie, Dan. Didnt take photos though, was a bit tired for the day. Then went Spicy Fish for dinner. If they opened that restaurant in Singapore, think they will strike rich, all the spicy stuff! soooo shiok ah. Andgood thing Becky had some non-spicy food to eat =)

Monday morning till early afternooon: Went to cycle with Kary to the City. I made a map for cycling routes to get from my place to Kary's and because i had to look at the map so frequently, i ended up spending 1 hour 15 mins to get to her place. But it was far. Then we went to the city took only 45 mins or so lol. The view along the way was soooo beautiful, wish to do this again. Had lunch at Port Melbourne and when on the way back, to the city itself, tried to make the bike jump (amateurly) and ended up grazing my right forearm badly. Really badly. haha silly me.

So good thing Crown casino was near by, washed it thoroughly in the toilet then got the security to help me get someone to bandage it up. They were really nice people =). Not really good at first aid, but nice and helpful =) so then Kary cycled back and i took the train back as i wasnt really fit for long cycling after grazing my right forearm and left palm. Well i guess i should be gglad my camera and the bike was alright. but my cargo berms were torn, my spectacles which were in my berms pocket had the nose support broken off and tt is about it.

Currently i am waiting to return Elliot for his bike. If not for him, i would not have been able to have such a wonderful day. Thanks =) And about gifts, i thank those who contributed to my Global Chef's Knife, I know it is a whole string of people, i cant remember all of you, but i want to thank all of you personally =) And jasmine for buying the knife.

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