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Thursday, September 27, 2007

i got a theory

okay this is the second night i am having trouble sleeping because of discomfort or tingling in the arm.

Theory: Sg/Sx consistent with Restless Leg Syndrome, except mine is in the hands.
it is known that a possible cause is abnormal spinothalamic stimulation.
so i think it may be caused by the pain from my badly grazed right forearm from cycling that is excessively stimulating the spinothalamic tract. Causing this to happen to me.

I hope i can get to sleep soon. If it persists, i think i have to go see the doctor, if not i wont be able to sleep every night.

what better way to know a disease than to have it yourself. I always wondered how it felt to ave tingling sensations in restless leg syndrome. Maybe i shouldnt have wanted to know too much.

Go read if you want:

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