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Sunday, October 07, 2007


It's cold. When there was darkness, no sun to give heat.
When all that is left is but me and cold meat.
I showered in the cold, i shivered as did my breath.
Never so cold outside it burnt me inside.
After a while, the shivers died down, and i realised i was numbed.
So we can be so cold we forget to shiver, so cold we grow numb of it all.
As though the body gave up on itself.

A walk tonight through the lack of light.
So cold, so windy.
To get a knife, yes the blade so cold, back to where it should be.
It cleared my mind, realised it's time to let it go, to let everything flow.
For who are we but a piece of sand, flowing through the universe with his breath.

If i was cold only so you could be warm, i would do it till my breath freezes.

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