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Sunday, October 07, 2007


So i feel desolated in terms of loneliness, i wonder how friends are? whether sometimes i have too high expectations of them, or they are just bound by restrictions that do not allow them to interact with me. Not many people will understand. But i always think everyone is lonely. Unless you are in reciprocated love, for nonreciprocating love is desolating, very desolating. Makes the bed lonely especially without Liv.

Study. i better pick up some momentum. Study has been zilch. I am worried. But i am not acting on it. i will. i promise i will. Now? i hope it starts now.

Photography. I won a competition organised by the Monash Photography Club. Won a 2GB SD card, a Gloria Jeans gift pack and 2 weeks free coffee at Caulfield campus. But i dun go to Caulfield campus, nor do i drink tt much coffee. lol But i am thankful for those who voted for my photo which was put up at the cafe in Caulfield. I won the point and shoot category, while Robby won the dSLR category.

Kary's Family.
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Had a great time at Kary's Surprise birthday party. She had her whole family there! Took many great shots, but i discover limitations of my camera are still not overcome. Dark high ISO pics still look terrible with noise removal. And i want a wide angle adapter and also a F2 lens. haha that will mean i buy a wide angle adapter or buy a dSLR. haha like i got money to. had a few shots for XY's surprise morning celebration too. time for me to let go and abandon photography for a while till after exams, if not i am not gg to pass. seriously.

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