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Monday, October 29, 2007

Why tomorrow will be a better day.

First it has been a terrible day, learnt a whole lot about studio lighting for photography, nothing about medicine. and i mean nothing. Furthermore, i am falling sick, having the sniffles and we usually know where this proceeds: sniffles > sinusitis > Cough > URTI > bronchitis > antibiotics > resolution.

So deriving from first principle that today = terrible day, tomorrow cannot be as bad or worse, so it will be a better day than today.

Also on a side note, we are going to have a better future with the following inventions:

terabyte thumbdrive in 3 years: that 1024 gigabytes for those who do not know, it is more energy efficient, has more space

Focus fusion: not cold fusion, not conventional nuclear fusion, not nuclear fission. new energy in the making. If this works, we probably may end up with an ice age at last.

For those who do not know, the cyclical ice age has been delayed for very very long due to our industrious production of gases from our farts in our industries.

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Vevina said...

Well written article.