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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another day at work

So work this week, it's somehow not so hectic. the lowest load we had was 9 pts to spread among us 3 interns. which makes 3 pts each, and most of them were just happily watching television. lol

Today i made a bad boo boo, with a bad bad IV gone wrong. Not that bad, but still i hit a nerve, and the pt was in so much pain she cried and cried and it's an elderly lady that usually has a good pain threshold. She said she couldnt move her hand after a while... I was there all the time beside her except when getting stuff to test and flush the IV. In the end i took it out and got my co-intern to do a good job with a drip. Went so well that i felt worse lol. Guess i need more practice.

My nights on Tuesday was nice and cruzy. only 2 pages the whole shift. how awesome was that lol. Hope things go well for the coming weeks.

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