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Sunday, January 23, 2011

my first night cover and my first week of work

Night Cover /naɪt ˈkʌvər/ (noun):

  1. Time when Ker Fern has to work from 7.30 am to 5pm like a normal day then 5pm to 9.30 pm covering 2 teams of patients which is about 20 to 30 patients.
  2. It is the time when he gets a bit flustered, when the Cover Registrar gets Ker Fern to do him so many favours including 5 x-rays that were urgent with ?perforation.
  3. It is also where i did my first catheter on an awake female patient and wonder if i am going to give her an infection. I also had to assess a ?bowel obstruction with a guy in lots of pain.
  4. Had 2x blood cultures (for septic screens) to do and had a difficult to bleed patient and had to do this at 11pm
  5. All in all, i survived, thinking this is definitely so much better than what life would probably be in Singapore. But i still have lots to brush up on: i need to be faster. And i need need need to learn to hand over and present cases better. All over the place is not a good place to be.
I love my job, Especially when I manage to pacify a worked up family member, when i reassure the family after the patient comes out of surgery or procedure. And also it feels good when you actually know more about the patient than the consultant. (it is kind of expected but i was so used to knowing less about a patient than the consultant when i was a medical student).

Lastly, i am very thankful for the consultant who signed off all my overtime this week.

Also January is zipping fast quick, it's already 24 Jan 2011, cant wait for nikon d800 rumours to come true. Hopefully it will have the new SD UHS1, backlit or new gen of sensor and also new noise reduction capabilities. For those who missed an awesome post of a new compact camera here it is: http://hx9v.blogspot.com/2011/01/sony-hx9v-on-net.html#more

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