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Monday, January 17, 2011

First day of work as a Doctor

another 4 months lapsed since i last posted and i promise more posts as i travel along my work life. to check that i have a work life balance.

Curently a general surgery intern with 2 other interns with about 25 patients. Cant complain especially with my friends in Singapore that are going to be much more busy. Those who already are doctors in sg are probably laughing ;p

Well it was busy 12 hours at work. Notice i still have lots of things i dunno. And shockingly some i cant look up and have to ask. Like the practical aspects of how much IV morphine to put under PRN (pro re nata, latin for administered as needed), how much fluid to order and how much antiemetics to give.

Other wise. the female Opthamology reg returned my call after a case as i was making a referral for a patient said, "darling, you have to do the visual acuity before u have called me." Well i did try but not hard enough, it was due to a language barrier that made it real tough. After the 'encouragement' from the reg, i spent like 20 mins doing the acuity properly and got the history of the eye problem. Wish i spoke cambodian.

And I think i say sorry too many times, for making people wait, esp discharging patients waiting for their paper work. Hope i say sorry less and get more efficient.

Wished i could have gone for spin class tonight. Probably should suspend gym membership till i get a hang of things. Wanted to do swing my 16Kg Kettlebell, but well too tired and i got to help my friend prepare for interview for tmr. Hope he gets the job =)

Things i want to read tonight: fluid orders, analgesia doses, antiemetic doses

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