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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Nice one...

Many thanx to Jeff for setting up THE Monash meddies blog. Hope it will stay alive and provide good sharing of information and ideas!! Go look http://monashmed2010.wordpress.com/

Well i went for my interview at Raoul, the manager said that i will have to wait for the HR department to get back to me. Once again i have to cross my fingers, getting a lil tired of doing that... Thanks to JOHAN for the intro to the job. And thios is a declaration that if i get the job i will give u a good treat. Met John coincidentally at Suntec, well Singapore is small..

Had a bout of Gastroenteritis (food poisoning), well that puts my training for tai chi and running on halt for a while. And so my own food marathon is on halt too... sigh

Sadly, i have to start doing housework again. Starting with the floors... Soon it will al come, windows (i have got too many windows, just a lil short of a glass house), curtains, the aircon, then the toilets, the garden. Well wat to do, no maid and also i am the only child and my parents arent that young anymore.

Should attempt to finish up the notes that i didnt have time to make during exams. before work starts.

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