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Monday, November 13, 2006

A Touchy issue

It's approaching th end of my trip to Melbourne this year. And i am flying back on 16th night. Houses are a bitch to find. Really proves that u will have to give some to take some.

Gossips afloat. Clear my name? for what. Maybe i dont have any real friends.

Depression: what you feel when u get hurt by someone you really care about. Affects sleep, appetite, speed of thought, speed and enthusiasm of speech.

Sometimes you think that you have the right to be angry at me for the smallest thing in the world. Probably, because i will accept you for the way you are, probably you think it will teach me a lesson. But it totally hurts, and it totally traumatises me, even though you may actually get fun from it. And i somehow wish this can never happen again, whether to severe the friendship, not speak to you when you are around so that i do not say anything wrong, or to just give up.. Words can sound harsh, but actions shatter hearts.

Why are you doing this to me my dear friend. I am disheartened, does our friendship mean nothing to you more than a game to make me depressed.

Caustic humour: a skewed form of humour that uses people around you as a stepping stone to lift yourself up as a clown. The upside: real quick and effective. Downside: considering that it uses people around you and that you insult them, you start losing them if they cant take a joke.

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