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Friday, November 17, 2006

So now i'm back...

Back, and the humidity is killing me slowly. Realise that i dunno what to do for the whole period till i go back. I am going back after chinese new year.

Maybe i can get a job, shoot some arrows after a 5yr hiatus from archery. Wonder if my coach still remembers me. Maybe get a attachment to a chinese physician who is my family friend for a bit of accpuncture. Definitely meet friends that i missed so much.

Hopefully, i can convince my parents to let me buy my current favourite camera

Hope section:
i hope that the landlords of my new found house in Oz with Jasmine is not a scam.
i hope that Kary's life will work out.
i hope that i will study what i did not have time to study for my exam
i hope next year i will not end up like this year where i almost not know everything towards the end of the year
i hope that i can get back my AUD$120 from excess baggage
i hope that i can get my Panasonic Fz50
i hope that my hopes and dreams come true

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