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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Work work work.

Well today is my first day at work. Retail at Raoul Hitachi towers. Standing is a norm i suppose. Steep learning curve. But think i should make it. But i end up too tired to run 10 km everynight which was wat i set out to do in the first place. Well my weekends are off! but guess what they are for: Archery. And maybea bit of a swim. i need a tan!

Pledge my loyalty to archery by suscribing to Potong Pasir CC's arcehry club, only $18 a year membership. Good now got time and place to shoot on weekends. First have to get a new bow string, my old one is a bit frayed. Maybe i'll bring my bow to Australia if i get enough kick out of it agian. Good to see Kim Chow and my coach Mr Lee again. The Marist archery club which i helped setup seems to be doing quite well. Think there is a Marist that went for SEA games.

Tai Chi. Many say it's an old man sport. But i noe other wise. Been learning that ewvery morning at 0630. So shagged. The amount i sweat from 1 hr tai chi is equivalent to running 10km. Go offline at midnight, then wake at 0630, then work from 11 to 8 pm. Late dinner. Go online for a while. and the cycle repeats.

Salsa. Hope i dun step too many feet this Wednesday. Later become serial foot stepper. No one cares if you have 2 left feet, as long as they dun go any wear near the top of their toes. Dance, maybe i actually will get happy feet.

Airticket. A reminder to people heading back to Australia. Book your tickets soon. They are going out quite fast.

Love and life. Miss Ho my first draft should be out soon i hope. Too tired to think. ;p

Cheese cake: The combined power of specialised equipment (not like the anyhow concocted euipment back in australia), my mum and my skill, i announce the successful baking of not 1 but 2 cheesecake. i conclude that my recipe always has extra for another cake. It was for my Dad's birthday! will post some pictures soon.

Camera: for those who also interested in the Panasonic FZ-50. The price is about $850 before GST: including a 512 mb card and the standard pack and 1 yr warranty.
There is a shop at Sim Lim that sells at $650 but only camera, no card, no warranty. How dodgey is that?!

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