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Sunday, August 05, 2007

So a rollercoaster I say.

Ups and downs. I counsel and lend a listening ear to many, and I never saw this day come that I needed someone to listen, though I didn't really have that much to say. I had a surge of depression, probably repressed feelings of rejection, probably about not being able to see my friends here and in sg, about just how frustrating it is for close friends I have that are struggling with long distance relationships, and many other factors I choose to not disclose or just cant remember.

But a light shone on me, friends I have, friends I cherish, that are there sticking their ear to my heart, listening for any missed beats or absence of life. So concerned about me, not moving even when I shove u away. An amazing friend indeed. And another, always willing to sacrifice time for me, after I thought u the importance of relationships in life and not just the headless pursuit for perfection in academia.

Well I am healed, with a smile almost constantly on my face. Not that I have no problems, but I have friends that care.

Other parts of my life:

Happy birthday to John Lee Wei Chern. Good buddy, fellow marist. Fellow meddie, but sadly miles away in the tropics. Hope u got the card. If not I will screw the mailman.

Got my P's for my driving in Australia, so means that I can drive legally, without supervision, but it does not really matter since I dun have a car and I dun intend to get one soon. At least not till next year or year 4. At last paying AUD$1000 has paid off lol.

Watched Phantom of the opera. Love the conductress. She was absolutely hawt and highly professional! If I had a rose I would give it to her lol. Watched it with Amy and her cousin and cousin's bf too bad we couldn't get tickets for more people. Met Ling and the year 1s and hitched a ride back with Ling. She stays nearer to me anyways.

I'll upload photos for MCF on my Flickr soon. No more bandwidth at home, overshot the quota again. Think it is only a bit faster than a 56kbps now. tata

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