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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The day before exam

Realise that i have to still try to study as much as i can, though i cannot finish even 2nd sem. Fever has gone down due to penicillin ingestion courtesy of doc at the campus. Still need a cure for what becky calls hypoinfomia. Think i should be able to pass.

A shout out to those who tagged me:
Karin> thanx babe. help me say hi to kevin too. I am hoping for a bbq this year, but dont get ur hopes high

Rach> wah so many ilu*s that it almost sounds indecent haha. gd luck babe

huis> okay, i changed the font size liao. And anyone out ther who has comments on my layout can tell me

NatW> hey babe, feeling better liao. Thanx. i suppose u are on psych rotation too?

OMGoodness, i get an idea that either 1) only girls read blogs or 2) only girls leave tags when they read blogs
Good luck to all for exams. Yes that includes all the Yr 2 NUS med.

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