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Saturday, October 28, 2006

The power of technology...

I am now experiencing tab browsing, and no i have not converted to Firefox yet. I am using Windows live toolbar. The custom button creation is fantastic. At the IE toolbar, i can type what i want to search and click the respective button to search at the different sites. Currently at a touch of the button i can search:

  1. wikipedia
  2. An online medical dictionary
  3. dictionary.com
  4. phazeddl.com
  5. technorati.com
  6. youtube.com

furthermore, i changed the default search from Windows live to Goodtree. But yes, microsoft as they always have been, has some bugs to fix in the toolbar, it causes the IE to hang. So far for the past few days, i have got it hung about 2 times.

Studying: i have not been able to cover as much as i wanted. Too much stress. And i am too far way behind. SEriously the least prepared exam for the whole year. So disappointed in myself. I can do much better than this. Now is just how to salvage the situation, because i am in for a fright when i see the paper on WEd. I can only hope my fever will go away and that i cough less and sleep less. fantastic the monkey mind at work again.

As Calvin and Hobbes depicted. I AM MAKING A MESS OUT OF MY LIFE.


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