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Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Tired Boy

Been tired lately. Laziness, sleep more than study. Well time to awake, and rise to the power i am bequeathed by my advanced mult gyrus, folded large brain which is used like more than 100%. Wahahaha...
B2:Are u thinking what i am thinking B1
B1: i think i am B2. i say kerf has gone mad
B2: indeed...

Thanks Jasmine for that nice and touching post. Another satisfied customer of the Kerf Helpdesk... I just realised that downloading the whole UNSW embryology website was a not so good idea. Good in the sense i got almost everything there in my harddisk, bad that i blew up my wireless bandwidth. i blew it big time alright: in that hour i downloaded more than 2GB... I wonder how screwed am i... For those who dunno, Monash students have a limited 1GB limit for wireless per semster. Yes we are sad people.

And i realised today, so many things a girl has to think about before agreeing to be housemates with others ;) It took my ex-tuition student who is going to take her O levels to wake me up from my surreal prcrastination.

Yes, skool's out. I miss the cadavers already. Say... pass the scalpel..

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